“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well” Antoine de Saint.

Luis is a handsome and stunning bodybuilder in his middle twenties. He is 1.85m tall and weights 103 kg. He is a big man and he loves everything about musculation. He has won bodybuilding competitions in Lima. He is a wonderful person and a very gentle man.

His photo session was one of the best ones I’ve made. Despite Luis doesn’t have much experience modeling, his work was amazing, being very comfortable with the camera, natural and sensual. To be soaked with all clothes on wasn’t any problem to him at all, he liked the experience.

  •  What part of your body you like more? Which one do you work up more in the gym?

I like my pecs, back and biceps. I work up all my body equal, but I want to have bigger legs.

  •  What do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading, watching good movies, reading about nutrition, investigating in the web.

  • What makes you feel in a good mood?

When I feel people give me good advices make me feel nice. To know I’m doing things well give me more impulse to go on.

  • What puts you in a bad mood?

When I do things wrong, when someone tells me something is ok when I’m shure is wrong. When I don’t have a honest glance into my eyes.

  • How did you feel in the photo shoot? Did you feel comfortable?

I felt very comfortable, in confident and relaxed. I liked it a lot.

  • How did you feel watching yourself soaked with all clothes on? Do you think it was sexy?

Very sexy, very natural and attractive. I never felt like that before.

  • What circumstances makes you feel sexy or attractive?

When I see something fit me well, but it’s just for me. I don’t like to call attention, but maybe yes by the computer screen.

  • Had you ever been soaked with all clothes on before?


  • Have you ever seen anyone getting totally wet clothes on?

Yes, in Pucalpa (a peruvian region in the jungle) my cousin felt down into the river with all clothes on.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Marc-André Rouleau says:

    An other man, model, really beautiful !
    Great look and a perfect body SO SEXY!
    Absolutely FANTASTIC wet or dry !!!!!!!


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