Lucio is an expectacular model, is a personal trainer and a competitive bodybuilder. He is in his late twenties, 1.70ms tall and weighs 82kgs.

We used a shower to get all the effects of the drops over his sculpted body, he knows very well how to pose and the results are amazing. This sexy muscled model makes a bodybuilding demostration under the shower getting his tight clothes all soaked slowly.

• What part of your body do you like more? Which one do you work up more in the gym?
I like my legs. I work up all my body equally.
• How did you feel in the photo shoot? Did you feel comfortable?
Very good, very comfortable.
• How did you feel when you watched yourself all soaked with clothes on? Do you think is sexy?
Incredible, extremely sexy!
• What makes you feel attractive? What circumstances make you feel attractive?
Dressing up very well, now looking at me in the water.
• Have you ever been soaked with all clothes on before? How was it?
No, never.
• Have you ever seen someone getting totally wet clothes on?
Yes, once I was in a party and I saw two people arguing, so one pushed down the other into the pool but both felt down inside. They wore dress pants, dress shirt and jacket. Both laughed later.
• Things I like:
The music, training hard.
*Things I don’t like:
The things I can’t make being planned before.






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marty says:

    Yes, he is one sexy guy! Like to see a video of him getting soaked. Also like to see more of him in his underwear, all wet.


    1. wetlookmen says:

      Hello Marty, thanks for commenting. Actually the video has all you described, please click any of the pictures and get the material you wish. Thanks a lot!

  2. mbinvegas says:

    Yes, he is one sexy guy! Would like to see a video of him getting soaked and slowly
    removing his clothes. Like to see more of him in his soaked underwear.


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