Karlo is back!

I am so glad to have Karlo as a model again. As you can notice he has been working up strongly all these months and the results are simply amazing. He is in his early twenties, heights 1.78cms and weighs 90kgs. He has converted into a successful bodybuilder competitor winning many of the categories he competes!

He understands perfectly the idea of sexy clothes plus hot bodies plus water; for that reason he wore a very sexy lycra cotton uniform. The shiny we got makes think that the uniform is made of lather or latex disappearing showing all his amazing body.

Karlo has become for Wetlookmen into a hot police man, able to get very wet and shiny for your glance! Enjoy!

• What part of your body do you like more? Which one do you work up more in the gym?
I like my pecs and legs. I work up more my shoulders.
• How did you feel in the photo shoot? Did you feel comfortable?
Very good, I liked it more than the one before. I felt very comfortable.
• How did you feel when you watched yourself all soaked with clothes on? Do you think is sexy?
Good, fresh. Very nice uniform, very sexy.
• What makes you feel attractive? What circumstances make you feel attractive?
When I walk up around the street, looking at the mirror.
• Have you ever been soaked with all clothes on before? How was it?
Yes, in the first photo session.
• Have you ever seen someone getting totally wet clothes on?
Honestly, never.
• Things I like:
Watching movies at home, going to the cinema, eat candies.
*Things I don’t like:
When the day is so short to make all the things I planned.








One Comment Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Love the uniform getting wet would love to see more of these

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