Karlh (Photoshoot)



Type of material: High quality pictures.

Amount of pictures: 85

Format: Jpeg (680×1024) compressed in a ZIP format.

Size of file: 19.9 MB.

Substances: Water, lube.

Clothes: White long sleeve t-shirt, tight sky blue pants, white briefs.

Price: $9.95

Buy it here:

Note: Have a look of the special packages.




Type of material: Video(960×720)

Length of the video: 9m 54s.

Format: Windows media video (wmv.)

Size of file: 234 MB (Please, be patience when downloading).

Description: Scenes of Karlh’s photo shoot.

Clothes: White long sleeve t-shirt, tight sky blue pants, white briefs.

Price: $14.85

Buy it here:

Note: Have a look of the special packages.




Description: Video (Karlh soaked photoshoot) plus gallery (Karlh soaked).

Total size: 253.9 MB. (Please, be patience when downloading)

Price: $18.60 (Save $6.20)

Buy it here:

My friends now you are helping me to make better and better photographic sessions, because I’m offering the galleries with extra high quality pictures and resolution. I need you to know that I am presenting them with a very conscious price involving all the expenses I realize in every photo session, the amount of photos in each set and the hours of edition worked.

Note: The photo sessions are a sequence of pictures, all of them start with the model totally dry to finish completely drenched or/and lubed up. The amount of pictures and the clothes used are described in each gallery. In the most of the sequences the models undress once they are totally soaked showing their wet underwear or boxers. If there isn’t a description of the type of undergear dressed, it means that the model doesn’t show that outfit.

The pictures are very sexy but it’s important to clear that this section do not include nude photos!

Making a wet clothes session takes time and a lot of patience to get the best results for the happiness of all of us. As a photographer I know what you want to see, that’s why I am sharing with you the wetlook pictures I’ve been doing all these months.

In this section I’m also including videos, behind the scenes of the photo shoots. I received request and petitions of some of you about doing them. Of course, my priority is photography, and the videos will be just a complement to fill up the wet-look experience. You will be able to get just the galleries (photographs), just the videos or packages (photographs plus video). I need you to be patience when downloading the clips because they are heavy files and I strongly recommend you to get the packages. I hope you enjoy the material and please send me your comments about them.

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