Erick P.

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself” Masaru Emoto.

Erick is a gym instructor in his early thirties. He is 1.72m tall and weights 93 kgs.  He is a bodybuilder, looks big and width.

He was my instructor in an old gym; after a while of meeting him I proposed him to make the photo shoot, he acepted and the results were fantastic. He is a natural model and he knows how to show his muscles very well.

The photo session was great, we used a lot of water and lube.

  •  What part of your body you like more? Which one do you work up more in the gym?

I like my arms and pecs. I work up more my arms.

  •  What do you like to do in your spare time?

Working up in the gym and artistic drawing  with different techniques.

  • What makes you feel in a good mood?

To do what I really want to do in general, for example to give time to my dog.

  • What puts you in a bad mood?

Not to do things as I want.

  • How did you feel in the photo shoot? Did you feel comfortable?

Very interesting and funny. Yes, I felt comfortable.

  • How did you feel watching yourself soaked with all clothes on? Do you think it was sexy?

Very fresh. Yes, I think it was very sexy.

  • What circumstances makes you feel sexy or attractive?

When I am in underwear, briefs and boxers.

  • Had you ever been soaked with all clothes on before?

Yes, when I was a swimming teacher, at the end of the season, the teachers used to throw in the pool themselves. So, once I was going out and I forgot that, so they catch me umprepared.

  • Have you ever seen anyone getting totally wet clothes on?

Yes, in that circumstance.


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  1. Tshirtlover says:

    v nice and attractive in both black shirt as well as T-shirt, i like that really.

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