Denis is the first model presented of the 2014. I am opening a year full of sexy male models and water.

Denis is a personal trainer in his late twenties. He is 1.65ms tall and weighs 86kgs.

He likes to go out to diner with company, to work up hard and take curses; and dislikes when things doesn’t happen as he wish.

  • What part of your body do you like more? My pecs and legs.
  • What part of your body do you work up more in the gym? My legs.
  • How did you feel in the photo shoot? Did you feel comfortable? Amazing, yes I felt very comfortable.
  • How did you feel when you watched yourself all soaked with clothes on? Do you think is sexy? Very sensual, yes is someting very sexy.
  • What makes you feel attractive? What circumstances make you feel attractive? When I dance breaking rules, and I feel desired.
  • Have you ever been soaked with all clothes on before? How was it? Yes, in carnivals in February people used to soak other people in the streets. I was wearing a cherry shirt and beige pants.
  • Have you ever seen someone getting totally wet clothes on? No yet.





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